The Thing About Grief

So you’ve probably read our “about” section, so you know a little about me.  The thing about grief is that it doesn’t completely go away especially when reminders of what you are grieving over pop up everywhere.

In my case, it’s every single social media post that announces a new bundle of joy or someone proudly displaying their baby bump, it’s every turn down an aisle at a grocery store where a little baby sits sleeping in a pumpkin seat in the shopping cart…it’s the realization that right after a wedding, I could face another close encounter of the pregnancy kind.  Which all have happened to me and rather than dwell on it, I quickly try to think of something else…but some of those encounters end with me sitting on my couch, wailing and wiping away tears that never seem to stop until my precious pups look at me with this look that says “did we do something wrong?”

Those days cannot be predicted and that adds even more depth to the thing about grief…the loneliness but wanting to be alone, the feeling that NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON feels this way, how could they, they don’t get it.

That feeling of loneliness is something that led me to start various IVF groups, some for support and one simply for ranting about the process and how devastating loss is when you are so hopeful…hopeful and broke considering the cost to try to have a baby.  I had to keep in mind that I had a life after IVF and I couldn’t spend my whole life and my whole bank account to make this happen because IF it did work, what do I have to offer this little bundle of joy if we are swimming in debt and the pain that accompanies that road…

Those groups helped me understand that grief is not a competition, its like a marathon that doesn’t keep time or worry when or even if you cross the finish line…it’s just running and running like a hamster on a wheel.  But you can’t get off, can’t even press pause…can’t determine what’s around the next corner.

We started the Dental Mental Network because we know it’s the most difficult thing to navigate grief and depression and suicidal tendencies and thoughts…that’s why we are working to make life just a smidge easier by offering you a place to see the REAL faces of these debilitating mental health issues.

We are glad you are here; we are glad to have people who can relate and we hope that in some small way, we make your journey through whatever you are experiencing a little easier.  We are all in this together even though we are apart.